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  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)

The world today is driven by technology. Whether we like it or not, it has pervaded into every nick and cranny of our lives. We deal with it from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep at night. It helps us connect with each other from across the miles. It brings us from one place to another. It helps us make sense of insanely huge amounts of data. It saves our lives, everyday. It’s in the hospitals, in the schools, in the roads, in our workplaces, in our homes. Technology is everywhere because humanity needs it there.

This is why in SWU PHINMA, we believe that technology, to have a reason to exist, should always have humanity at its center. SWU PHINMA believes in humanized technology.

With this in mind, SWU PHINMA’s Information Technology Program will produce graduates who:


At its core, the essence of the IT profession is problem solving and making things more efficient. An IT professional is essentially an agent of positive change. Given the dynamic nature of IT, which changes so fast it’s really difficult to keep up, we will train our graduates to become adaptive and responsive to change.


We will help our students realize that yes, they can do things on their own but they can do a lot more if they work with others. We will train them to be active seekers of meaningful collaborations. They will be effective at communicating their ideas not just to their peers but to everyone in the organization from entry-level employees up to the CEO.


We will equip our students with management and leadership skills to help prepare them in their quests to change the world for the better. Our graduates will also have the capabilities to set up their own ventures based on applications or solutions that they have created, if they choose to do so.


A diverse and rich problem-based learning environment consisting of a mix of education and business involved in multidisciplinary collaborations where students immediately apply what they learn in class to identify and solve real-life problems. Working on real-world projects, our students will have ample opportunities to take on various roles where they experience being a project manager, developer, a group member, etc. They will constantly interact with project stakeholders from understanding the problem at the start, gathering requirements and specifications, developing the solutions as a team, and presenting the results in the end. This will help them develop and improve their communication skills. The project-based setup also helps us integrate the development of management and leadership skills into our curriculum.


A curriculum that is closely aligned with industry needs. Having been designed in consultation with various stakeholders in IT including local companies in Cebu, big IT companies like IBM and Microsoft, agencies like DTI and TESDA, business associations, and IT Educational foundations, the curriculum responds to the needs of the IT industry;.  SWU PHINMA will continue to partner with and collaborate with its partners and friends from the industry to allow our students to be in touch with the latest industry requirements.


Students who are passionate and highly driven to develop a successful career in the IT industry should enroll. Graduates of SWU PHINMA’s IT program can pursue a diverse array of careers or develop businesses in the areas of cloud technology, healthcare, mobile application development, computer forensics, consultancy, web development, software engineering, and many other related specializations.

faculty and expertise

The Program's talented faculty is comprised of respected professionals in the field of Information Technology.The Program's talented faculty is comprised of respected professionals in the field of Information Technology.


Rigan P. Ap-Apid is SWU PHINMA’s Dean for its Information Technology program. He has over 15 years of experience teaching programming, mathematics and other courses under IT and computer science in a number of reputable educational institutions including De La Salle University-Manila (DLSU-Manila), the University of the Philippines (UP), and iAcademy. He also has vast experience in designing programs, courses and modules for the said institutions, as well as UP Baguio and Don Bosco Technical College.

He was also the Vice-President for Academics and Dean for iAcademy from 2010 to 2012, and School Director for Asian Wireless Network Institute from 2012 to 2013. Mr. Ap-Apid is a recipient of the Medallion of Achievement from the Professional Regulation Commission.

He is also the CEO of Pinoy Telekoms, a Philippine IT and telecommunications company.

Mr. Ap-Apid is currently accomplishing his Doctorate degree in Computer Science from DLSU-Manila, where he also earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Science. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from UP.



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Tel. No.: +63 (32) 416 4680